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Agron the No-Eyed Dog


This is Agron, the no-eyed dog.  We met one evening in the middle of the road a few miles from my house.  I pulled over to encourage him to safety when through the dusk I saw that he had no eyes.  No. Eyes. Yet, as I soon found out, he had amazing sight. I could…

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Event: Selfie 101 Class

Think of the 15-18 year old teens you know that are going to make amazing contributions in the world some day. Share this upcoming opportunity with them. I’m offering an early summer class that will help teens to identify their personal strengths and values, and to use them to explore their individual passion and purpose.  The…

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Competing Thoughts


I love brownies. The homemade kind with a moderate layer of rich chocolate frosting smeared on top. A friend of mine makes an amazing chocolate/peanut butter frosted brownie that seriously makes you weak in the knees. Oh. My. Word. They are so good that thoughts of eating half the pan myself seem entirely reasonable. Part…

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Beyond Belief


My son has made a conscious decision that he is going to be an astronaut. He can’t get his hands on enough new knowledge about the expanse of the universe.  Sometimes when he tells me about it, I have a hard time putting my head around how ‘deep and wide’ the universe really is.  What’s…

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A New Approach to Commitments


Resolutions, commitments, goals, or none of the above? Whether or not you commit to implement a new habit, goal, plan or otherwise, you undoubtedly have some kind of aspiration for the year ahead. Before you nail down your commitments, think about a new approach to accomplishing your goals. Here are three skills that will help…

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The Reward of Knowing What You Want

knowing what you want

Me: “What do you really want?” Client: “I don’t know.” Long pause.   This exchange is one of the most common conversations I have with clients when we begin our work together.   My question, of course, isn’t about what color to paint the walls.  The purpose of the question is to understand who you are…

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Gratitude With Gusto

Thanksgiving Blog

I was sitting in a graduate school course some 15 years ago when my professor implored, “People. Do NOT be reactive to your family while you are together over the holiday.”  Possibly the best advice any of us could have heard on our way into Thanksgiving break.  I’m certain it helped us to tune into…

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Do You Know Joe?

Ordinary Joe

Do you know Joe?  Joe is my ideal client. We do a lot of great work together.  Joe isn’t content with a ho-hum life.  He wants to fulfill his potential. Joe is creating a life that reflects his talents, strengths, passions and purpose.  He isn’t any ordinary Joe.  He’s extraordinary. Meet Joe Joe lives in…

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Learn How to Find a Life Coach

personal coaching

Do you want to find a life coach or personal coach in Loveland, or in the Northern Colorado area?  If so, I can help. Here are the most important factors to think about in your search for a life coach.  I’ll also share about what I offer as a coach.  Perhaps I am the right…

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