Event: Selfie 101 Class

Think of the 15-18 year old teens you know that are going to make amazing contributions in the world some day. Share this upcoming opportunity with them.

I'm offering an early summer class that will help teens to identify their personal strengths and values, and to use them to explore their individual passion and purpose.  The key take aways will be increased self-confidence, new goals, and peace of mind.  Space is limited.  Register by May 25th at 970-593-8196.

Selfie Class
Amy Hallagan

Amy Hallagan is an LCSW, personal coach, and the owner of Exubero, Llc, Coaching & Personal Development, in Loveland, Colorado. Amy is most passionate about helping people with high sensitivity to create truly meaningful lives rooted in their unique strengths, skills, values, passions, and purpose. Connect with Amy by emailing her at amy@exuberocoaching.com, or through her website, www.exuberocoaching.com. Subscribe to her blog here.