A New Approach to Commitments


Resolutions, commitments, goals, or none of the above? Whether or not you commit to implement a new habit, goal, plan or otherwise, you undoubtedly have some kind of aspiration for the year ahead. Before you nail down your commitments, think about a new approach to accomplishing your goals. Here are three skills that will help…

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December Goals: Get Ahead of the Game

It’s the last week of December, baby, and life is about to ask you for your New Year goals. Goals are a proven way to accomplish something you desire. Its vision articulated into a specific, measurable, action-oriented, results-oriented, time-based plan (find out more about SMART goals) The mere act of writing down goals propels you…

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Goals: From Here to There

Some days I feel like the dog next door chasing its tail. If you’ve ever had trouble putting your goals into action, you know how frustrating and discouraging it can be.  It can dampen your sense of self-efficacy and momentum.  If you want a pick me up to get yourself back on track, here are 5 steps to…

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