March 17


Goals: From Here to There

Some days I feel like the dog next door chasing its tail.

If you’ve ever had trouble putting your goals into action, you know how frustrating and discouraging it can be.  It can dampen your sense of self-efficacy and momentum.  If you want a pick me up to get yourself back on track, here are 5 steps to get From Here to There:

Step 1:  Write down where you are:  What are you doing? Thinking? Feeling?  No need to overthink  this step, just observe your thought, feeling or action and write it down.  This is a concrete way to become mindful of what is going on inside yourself.  You might be surprised by what you find, and you will likely feel all the more wiser for it!

Step 2:  Accept where you are without judging it negatively. You might not be happy with where you are right now – it might feel unpleasant, discouraging, or even embarrassing to acknowledge.  Before you betray yourself and throw yourself under the proverbial bus, hit the brakes on your self-criticism.  Criticizing yourself won’t help you do something different, it will just make you feel bad.  Acknowledge and accept where you are right now.  There are huge benefits to accepting what is without judgement, namely the opportunity to choose something different.  Now move on to the next step….

Step 3:  Write down what you want with as much detail as you can. Research shows that goals are significantly more likely to be achieved if you write them down.  The more clear and measurable they are the better.  You also want to pause a moment to clarify what you really want.  “Shoulds” and “Ought-tos” won’t get you to an authentic, satisfying, and lasting place.  Try to be really honest with yourself.

Step 4:  Write down what you would be doing, thinking and feeling if you were where you want to be.  Take what you have written down in Step 3 and bring it to life.  Close your eyes and picture yourself having accomplished your goal.  Observe the thoughts, feelings and actions you would be experiencing and write them out, again, with as much detail as possible.  You are the author of your story.

Step 5:  Identify the next right step. This has to be something doable and achievable in the very short term.  Set yourself up to be successful immediately, which is a great way to experience a sense of competency and build momentum.  After you accomplish the next right step, identify the next, and then the next….

These five steps will help you get out of your rut and put your goals into action.  You can do it!


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