April 19


Let Go of Unnecessary Details

Do you ever look at something and notice how beautiful it is simply because it’s so simple? As if anything added would detract from its essence? Like a daffodil or a perfect peach – simply beautiful. No need to add accessories – all the ‘zip’ they need comes from within.

People are kind of like that, too. We are most attractive, to ourselves and to others, when we keep it simple and stay aligned with who we each are at our best.


If you want to become more attractive in your life, let go of what isn’t necessary to your optimum state of being (aka you at your best).

It seems counter-intuitive really. We live in a culture with so much accessibility to an abundance of opportunities and resources. We benefit greatly from all that is available to us.  The downside is that we are becoming more and more overburdened by the very things we have freely chosen to add to our lives!

The key is balance, and a good place to begin creating that kind of equilibrium is to subtract what isn’t necessary in the different areas of your life. It feels a lot like cleaning out your sock drawer – times 50.


Let me clarify what I mean about ‘attractive’. Being attractive to yourself means you naturally feel great about you. Being attractive to others means people are drawn to you for your natural state, not for what you do, have, or provide. Think of being attractive in this way as being at peace with yourself from the inside out.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, I’m definitely not my most attractive self. I become a bit gnarly around the edges, pressed and frazzled, irritable and depleted. My ability to engage well wanes. Neither do I attract the things I really need and desire. The opposite actually happens – I end up directly or indirectly repelling what I want and need. That’s how the law of attraction works.

Certainly everyone experiences moments, days or seasons of feeling/being less attractive to self and others. But, if you are orienting your life around these negative qualities and accepting them as your status quo, then whoa nellie, you might want to rethink that mindset.

There is something incredibly attractive about being in your most optimal state. It feels good and it looks good. You gain inner confidence and peace that shows outwardly. You actually sharpen your ability to wholeheartedly contribute to the world because you at your best are abundantly more valuable and effective than you depleted and heavy-laden.


If becoming more attractive sounds appealing, then consider how you can eliminate some of the unnecessary details in your life. Where in your life can you do some housekeeping? Today, this week, this year – start small and go big.  

Let go. Sometimes less really is more.


letting go, optimal state, simplify

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