February 10


Think on This


If you knew the way out of a room in which you were trapped, would you go?

What if I told you that by learning to be really good at one skill you would have the "key" you need to experience the deeper, more genuine, and meaningful life you long for - you would feel less trapped in your current world.  Would you want to learn it?

The skill I speak of is conscious awareness - known also as self-awareness/self-observation, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.  It's all about cultivating an observing eye about your thoughts, actions, processes, interactions, experiences, etc.  When you grow in awareness you learn to see beyond what is right in front of you.  You start to see more dimensions to yourself and to your situation - like going from 1D to 3D, or even 4D.  Every part of your life becomes richer, more clear, and more colorful.  And you become more effective at managing your life.

When you ignite your conscious awareness you set a chain reaction into play that moves you from passivity to possibility.  Once you walk through that door you won't want to go back.

Self-awareness expands your ability to understand things from a more in-depth view.   It is a necessary part of the process of change.  You cannot change something that you are unaware of, or cannot see, and you cannot become "unstuck" until you can see what is keeping you trapped.

Why Consciousness Matters

Growing your conscious awareness matters if you want to live your life in color.  It's like evolving from life in black and white to living in a Pixar production.  Develop the skill of mindful awareness and you learn how to "see" beyond the eye.  You will find there are many more doors available than you were otherwise able to view.

10 Alluring Benefits of Growing Your Conscious Awareness

  1. When you look deeper, your perspective grows wider;
  2. Wider perspective promotes greater understanding;
  3. Increased understanding decreases feelings of insecurity and emotionally reactive behavior;
  4. Being self-aware helps you establish healthy boundaries for yourself;
  5. Less emotional reactivity is necessary for healthy communication;
  6. Improved communication results in more satisfying relationships;
  7. Self-awareness reduces anxiety and fear;
  8. Conscious awareness calms your brain so you can make thoughtful decisions;
  9. Mindfulness increases clarity, motivation & forward action;
  10. Having high emotional intelligence is a difference maker in personal and professional efficacy.

There are so many life areas that are affected by level of conscious awareness including happiness and satisfaction, the ability to cope, the ability to show up authentically, and even your spirituality.  The more you can see, or bring into conscious awareness, the more enriched your life will be.


The key is to begin.  Press on into the unknown.  Be curious.  Explore.  Observe the what, why, and how of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and outcomes.  Invest time, energy and intention into developing your conscious awareness.  Learn to develop your ability to "see" beyond the eye.   You will shift from being a passive participant to an active play maker in your life.  Bring light into the unknown parts of yourself and expand your possibilities and sense of self exponentially.  As the saying goes, once you've seen the view from the top of the mountain, your perception of things after you return to the bottom is never the same.

Stay tuned for more posts on how to develop a conscious mind in real life applications. Better yet, sign up at www.exuberocoaching.com and we can work together to create more conscious awareness that will equip you to reach your goals and desired outcomes.


Learn: Your brain is more powerful than the most intricate computer system that exists now or ever. (Get wowed by these brain facts ; you will think about your brain differently going forward).

Practice: Get my free download SevenSimpleQuestions to ignite conscious awareness in any situation.

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