December 10

This is the Year

What are your hopes and plans for the coming year? 

  • I have twenty two goals that I scribbled onto the front and back sides of a sticky note 
  • I have one goal: to be happy
  • I don’t make goals; I just end up falling off the wagon and feel disappointed with myself so why bother?




What if this is the year that instead of making goals you make personal growth?


What if this is the year that you do something really meaningful like figure out who you really are, and then be that? 


What if this is the year that you figure out why you’re really here, and then do that?


This is the year.


This is the year you balance the difference between how you show up and who you really are. It’s the year you reconcile with yourself so you can reconcile with others. 


This is the year you acknowledge and affirm your one-of-a-kind traits so you can create real world connections that are fulfilling and make sense.


This is the year that you let go of OPE (other people’s expectations ) and YPOOPE (your perception of other people’s expectations) so you are free to expect yourself to be exactly who you are.


This is the year. 


In a recent conversation with a client we were talking about alignment and what it looks like when how you show up in the external world aligns more precisely with who you really are on the inside.  I asked him to think of someone whom he respects and admires. He named Bob Marley for the way he gave generously to people in need, and put his money where his mouth was.


“Then think of it as “Bob Marley-ing” your life”, I replied. 


What personal growth will you make in 2022 so you can be and do in flow?  How will you show up externally as a more precise reflection of who you really are?


You were made on purpose and for a purpose; actualizing who you really are is putting your precise purpose into action. 


This is the year.


With highest regard, 


P.S. Yes! The December Mile-a-Day Challenge! One Mile. Every Day. No Excuses. If you’re in, post the evidence on social media at #decembermileadaychallenge

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