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Twenty years ago a colleague asked me a simple yet powerful question that flipped a switch in my heart and mind forever.  

"How is it that you're so happy?"

I don't really remember how I answered, but I do remember the urgency I felt to do something. I couldn't bear the thought that if inner happiness had eluded my friend, how many more people are out there struggling to find their joy?  Some call it happiness, others call it confidence, inner peace, passion, and/or life purpose.


Whatever you call it, it involves getting clear on who you are and why you are here.


I've looked around my own insides enough to know that anything is possible and what I think, I can create. In fact, I believe I have a responsibility to use what I've got to do something good - to leave things better than they were when I got here. And I believe that's your responsibility too.


I'm a personal growth coach and a change catalyst in the world. I'm driven to help people uncover their purpose, to utilize their natural strengths and unique gifting, and to create lives of deep meaning and purpose. We aren't here on earth to struggle through and buy lottery tickets. We're here to create, to partake, and to make a positive difference. It's like a giant canvas we all paint together, and that we all stand back to enjoy as well.


It isn't Pollyannaish to believe that we can journey through life with joy despite the very real pain, struggles, and challenges that come with the territory of life.


Quite the contrary - its powerful to walk that walk.


I support my clients in finding their inner fire - their "joie de vivre" - and then to create alignment and life balance from the inside out that best supports that inner fire.  


In my view, anything is possible. Bring your challenge, your vision, your ideas. I'll help you to connect the dots and create the masterpiece that is your life.

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Amy Hallagan


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