Are you tired of hustling for Happiness?

What if you could accelerate your happiness for good by creating the life that suits you?

The Equanimity Map

so long, STATUS QUO

There's an alternative to hustling for happiness

Research shows that nearly half of all adults are content living within social norms and expectations, and many will never seek to expand beyond that mindset. 

You aren't one of them.

  • You want more abundance in your life
  • You want meaning and purpose
  • You want the clarity and empowerment you need to move forward
  • You've outgrown "the way it's always been" 
  • You're tired of obliging to your history, mainstream culture, and the status quo
  • The discomfort of feeling unfulfilled has overridden the comfort of the familiar
  • You're ready to expand your mindset and the way you see yourself for good

You're already equipped with the strengths and resources you need to live an abundant and satisfying life. All you need now is to give yourself a green light to start connecting the dots. 

I help caring, compassionate, others-oriented outliers like you to transform your sense of identity and purpose in an expansive and empowering way that, 1) more accurately reflects your true Self, and 2) manifests more happiness, fulfillment, Self-leadership and success.

The difference between this opportunity and the past is that now you're doing it because you want to - and not because you have to or because you think you "should".

It's about upsizing your Self-leadership so you can create more of what suits you and change the world for good.

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