The December Mile-a-Day Challenge

One Mile. Every Day. No Excuses.

Five years ago I realized how much I disliked getting to the end of December feeling spent. Too much food, not enough exercise, not enough time for well-being. I wanted to begin the new year feeling great rather than by dragging myself to the starting line.

Thus, The December Mile-a-Day Challenge was born.

One mile (at least), every day, no excuses. Even when it's cold, dark, late, or Christmas. Even when you're tired, hungry, stressed, or 'too busy'. It may be only a mile, but more importantly, it's a commitment to yourself to get out there even when it feels hard.


You'll feel amazing on December 31st when you check off that last mile and relish your accomplishment! Not only that, you'll feel healthier, happier, and more empowered to follow through with your new year goals.

Run or walk, you choose. Grab a friend or family member and make a commitment to get out there together. My whole family participates and we love encouraging and supporting each other to stay the course.

You can still participate even if you didn't start on December 1st. Start where you are and make a commitment from here forward.

Are you coming?

Image of The December Mile-a-Day Challenge