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You'll never be the same again.

What do you really, really, really, really want?

Have you answered this question for yourself?

Have you said out loud to anyone listening what it is that you really, truly want in your life? 

If you do know what you really and truly want but aren't taking action to make it happen - what is holding you back? 

Some of what holds my clients back include:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of judgment
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Lack of clarity
  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of self-revelation
  • Fear of change
  • Perceptions about cultural norms
  • Acceptance of the status quo
  • Fear of not being 'enough'

How about you? What's holding you back from creating what you really want?

There's Always More

Maybe you do have a clear vision of what you want. Perhaps you've already taken action to make what you want a reality. You're extremely successful, happy and, for the most part, satisfied in your life.

And still you want something more but are struggling to define it.

You Have a Purpose and It's Bigger Than You Think

Whatever it is that you really want to have or to change in your life, you want it for a reason. 

You want what you want not only for what it is or what it represents, but for how it will stir your soul. That's what you really, really want - to unleash your soul, fully and freely.

I believe that's what we all ultimately want - to be fully and freely ourselves. The more we live in that space, the happier, more productive, fulfilled, and effective we are in our lives.

It's possible if you are willing to go deep and discover what lies within at your core.

Only then you can begin to make what you truly want a reality. You have to be willing to invest in yourself and to do the work. The payoff is invaluable.

Coaching for the Occasion

I'm a runner and some years ago I hired a coach to help me reach a performance goal. We talked regularly; she asked a lot of questions about my training and what I was already doing. She listened to my challenges and concerns. She believed in me and she believed I could achieve my goal. She helped me to shift my program to become more effective so that I could get what I wanted. And she held me accountable - not to her, but to my own goal. 

I do the same for my clients. We have deep conversations that are honest, authentic, safe, and real. I listen deeply to what you are saying - and to what you are not saying. 

I ask questions that cause you to self-reflect and to be more honest with yourself. I challenge your beliefs, and your assumptions, as necessary, all in the context of what you have said you really, really, really, really want. 

I believe in you, and in your ability to create real change and action that will make your vision or goal a reality. 

Let's Be Frank

I have to be honest. I truly believe that if you are willing to invest in yourself - your commitment, time, resources, honesty, vulnerability, willingness, humility, self-awareness, and courage - you can create what you really want in your life. Through deep conversation and reflection together, your life will change like you never imagined was possible. 

I know this because I have done it myself. I have been lost and confused, unfulfilled and wanting more. I have searched and searched for my heart's desire, and I have found my 'gold' and a way to use it. 

I believe in the unique purpose of every single person. Each person has a specialized set of strengths, talents, skills, values, needs, desires and passions, that combine together perfectly. This version of yourself has a unique and specific purpose in the context of the world, and I believe it is for good and positive contribution. 

My individual purpose is to come along side people who are ready to make big, BIG life change so that they can actualize their personal gifts, talents, strengths, and desires, to the full - in real and tangible ways that serve the world. 

That's my calling, my commitment, and my heart's desire. 

If you are seriously ready and committed to discovering your passion and purpose - and to make what you really, really, really, really want a reality - I'd love to talk with you.

Research shows that 1 in 5 people have higher sensitivity and intuitive strengths than most.

Think you might be more intuitive and sensitive than most? Take the assessment here.

People with the HSP trait often feel different compared to people who do not have the trait. The trait of high sensitivity does not mean you have some kind of disorder. It does mean that you take in and engage with the world in a unique way. 

Dr. Elaine Aron, a renowned researcher in the study of the highly sensitive trait, identifies four key areas that differentiate HSPs from the rest of the population.

Depth of Processing

People who are intuitive and sensitive take in their environment and their interactions with others on a deeper level than most others. You are constantly processing and reflecting deeply on all of the external stimuli in your environment. 

Susceptibility to Overwhelm

HSPs tend to have heightened sensory awareness. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile experiences are more pronounced for an HSP. This sensory sensitivity can become overwhelming for an HSP if there is too much sensory stimulation for too long a time.  

Profound Empathy

In addition to higher sensory awareness, an HSP also easily observes the social-emotional state of others. For instance, it is not uncommon for an HSP to recognize another person's emotional pain without any verbal interaction. This trait skill can set HSPs apart and can be very much an asset. An HSP can also be at risk of absorbing too much of another person's emotions onto themselves, which can be a very heavy load to bear. 

Awareness of Subtleties

Given an HSPs propensity to take in so many aspects of their physical and social-emotional environment, it is easy for them to recognize slight nuances and subtleties that other people may not observe or notice. 

A Different Kind of Normal

Truth be told, the very traits that make you so different are in fact your greatest gifts and strengths. 

The HSP trait is in fact normal, though less common. The trait is present in 15-20% of the population. 

Research shows that your distinctive trait has evolved as a means of self-preservation. It is a survival strategy that employs the skill of pausing to observe before entering into a potentially dangerous situation. 

Asset Management

Your HSP trait is a valuable asset when it is managed skillfully. 

I work with my HSP clients to develop increased understanding about the trait, and dispel negative perceptions that may be present. 

We identify the areas where your sensitivity feels problematic or is getting in the way of what you really want. I help you to discover new and more effective ways to navigate your challenge areas so that you feel empowered to manage your trait instead of feeling like it is controlling you. 

I believe that if you aren't already there, you can grow to love and embrace your trait.  You really can develop a new relationship with your trait so you are able to fully embrace it in a positive and compassionate way. You will be able to use it strategically to achieve your vision and goals, and to make a positive impact on the world. 

Amy Hallagan, LCSW

Amy is a professional coach driven to serve her clients through a life-changing experience. She knows what's at stake living a half-hearted life, and she knows the power of self-discovery to unlock a person's fullest potential.

Amy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and former mental health therapist. In 2017 she discovered her more authentic calling to become a professional life coach. She is a catalyst for discovery and change, with a powerful and unrelenting belief in the ability of her clients to create thoughts and actions that will get them what they truly want in life. 

She has keen insight, an eye for possibility, and a strong ability to see what's at play below the surface. These skills help her to effectively understand and creatively support her clients. 

Sitting in Black Cropped

It's possible and it's time.

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and uncomfortable you had confidence, inner calm and a plan?

What if you had clarity, connection, and a deep sense of purpose?

What if everything made more sense and you felt happier and more effective than you have ever felt before? 


That's what I'm offering - all of it.

You're the champion. I'm your coach.

Isn't it time?

You can continue as you are.

Or, you can decide you are done with holding yourself back and making yourself small in the world.

If what you really, really, really, really want is bigger than that, I can help you get there. 

A lot of people put off until tomorrow what they can do today, but perhaps you see things differently.

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