"Coaching is the universal language of change and learning."


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Whether you have gotten off track or you are still trying to find your path, one to one personal coaching can help you get there. 

  • Play to your strengths
  • Grow your inner confidence
  • Increase your social and emotional intelligence
  • Learn to make strategic choices
  • Gain clarity 
  • Understand your 'why'
  • Organize your thinking
  • Set goals
  • Find your flow 
  • Increase your self-knowledge
  • Shift from external to internal motivation
  • Skillfully navigate your relationships
  • Align and balance your life
  • Find happiness and freedom from limiting beliefs
  • Discover your passion and purpose 
  • Rewrite your story line


My clients aren't normal and they certainly aren't average - they are so much more.


They are deep thinkers, creatives, leaders, entrepreneurs and advocates.


They are conscientious, compassionate, and driven to make things better - the world, their community, their relationships, their lives.


Many of them want more freedom to be and engage in their lives without feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed by the perceived expectations of others. 


Many want to clarify their passion and purpose so they can live a more meaningful life.


Some want to get rid of the old beliefs that hold them back from doing what makes them really happy and alive. 


Many have already experienced a lot of success in life. Yet they want something more and are struggling to define it. 


Some want to trade in their 'auto-pilot' way of being for something that taps into their true inner joy.


Others want to create more balance and alignment in their lives so they can experience greater flow and ease. 


And everyone wants to be happier, more effective, and more authentically fulfilled. 


Are you ready to move forward in your life and to create your 'better'?



Research shows that 1 in 5 people have higher sensitivity and intuitive strengths than most.

Think you might be more intuitive and sensitive than most? Take the assessment here.

People with the HSP trait often feel different compared to people who do not have the trait. The trait of high sensitivity is not a disorder, it's a genetic trait that affects how you take in the world. 

Dr. Elaine Aron, a renowned researcher in the study of the highly sensitive trait, identifies four key areas that differentiate HSPs from the rest of the population.

Depth of Processing

People who are intuitive and sensitive take in their environment and their interactions with others on a deeper level than most others. You are constantly processing and reflecting deeply on all of the external stimuli in your environment. 

Susceptibility to Overwhelm

HSPs tend to have heightened sensory awareness. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile experiences are more pronounced for an HSP. This sensory sensitivity can become overwhelming for an HSP if there is too much sensory stimulation for too long a time.  

Profound Empathy

In addition to higher sensory awareness, an HSP also easily observes the social-emotional state of others. For instance, it is not uncommon for an HSP to recognize another person's emotional pain without any verbal interaction. This trait skill can set HSPs apart and can be very much an asset. An HSP can also be at risk of absorbing too much of another person's emotions onto themselves, which can be a very heavy load to bear. 

Awareness of Subtleties

Given an HSPs propensity to take in so many aspects of their physical and social-emotional environment, it is easy for them to recognize slight nuances and subtleties that other people may not observe or notice. 

A Different Kind of Normal

The very traits that make you so different are in fact your greatest gifts and strengths. 

The HSP trait is in fact normal, though less common as only 15-20% of the population has the trait. 

The distinctive trait has evolved as a means of self-preservation. It is a survival strategy that employs the skill of pausing to observe before entering into a potentially dangerous situation. 

Asset Management

Your HSP trait is a valuable asset when it is managed skillfully. 

I work with my HSP clients to develop increased understanding about the trait, and dispel negative perceptions that may be present. 

We identify the areas where your sensitivity feels problematic or is getting in the way of what you really want. I help you to discover new and more effective ways to navigate your challenge areas so that you feel empowered to manage your trait instead of feeling like it is controlling you. 

If you aren't already there, you can grow to love and embrace your trait. You will be able to use it strategically to achieve your purpose and goals, and to make a positive impact on the world. 

What if everything made more sense and you felt happier and more effective than you've ever felt before

- what then?