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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman

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Brain Food Blog

Where do you want to grow from here?


Think of someone you know who is stuck in one or more life areas. They know they want more but are unsure specifically what it is or how to move forward by themselves.  That's what personal coaching is all about - helping you discover what you really want and identify the means to get there.  It's about exploring your possibilities and making them your reality.  

Your mind is unbelievably powerful.  Our coaching services will help you tap into your values, deep desires and passions, personal strengths, and more - all revealing more possibilities than you've known or imagined before.


Personal coaching is a flexible and cost-effective choice for upping your inner game so you can actualize your outer game.  Local clients are able to meet in person or by phone, allowing for the most efficient use of your time. Clients from other parts of the country can meet by phone at times that fit your schedule.

Your time is valuable. The coaching process supports an experience that is focused, efficient, and outcome oriented. You are the driver. You decide where you want to go and how you want to get there.  I'm your co-pilot. 

Moving Forward
Life Purpose

What are you passionate about and what do you value most? Discover your personal blueprint and gain the energy and genuine satisfaction you are searching for.

Create your career
Career Development

Explore your right career fit for maximum satisfaction and results. Fine tune your skills for peak efficacy and performance.


Discover how you and your partner can build emotional intimacy while supporting one another's needs and personal growth.

Personal Efficacy

Develop your confidence by identifying and utilizing your key strengths. Grow in your mindfulness and conscious awareness for clarity and improved decision-making.

Personal Growth

Explore your hangups and develop your self-awareness.  Learn how to tap into your personal power and overcome your internal obstacles.  Find your soul.

Group Conversation Bubbles

Understand your communication style and learn skills to help you become become a blue-ribbon communicator.