Agron the No-Eyed Dog

This is Agron, the no-eyed dog.  We met one evening in the middle of the road a few miles from my house.  I pulled over to encourage him to safety when through the dusk I saw that he had no eyes.  No. Eyes.

Yet, as I soon found out, he had amazing sight.

I could see right away that this furry little fellow was taking in everything about our interaction.  His tall and pointy ears were at attention absorbing my sounds and smells and perhaps assessing my legitimacy.  His nose shifted about with curiosity and, dare I say, with a note of intrigue such as a sommelier deep into a glass of cabernet.

He must have deemed that I was up to snuff because before I knew it he had hefted himself into the floor board of my car.  It was if to say, “Where have you been and I’d like to go home now.”

Agron didn’t know me from Adam or an aardvark, but he clearly expected the best out of our unforeseen exchange.

With a little investigation we found the king’s palace (Agron was the name of a long ago Albanian king), and we said goodbye.


I was moved by Agron and over the next several days these reflections from ‘Agron, the no-eyed dog’ surfaced:

  • A brief, yet powerful, ten minute interaction can profoundly effect your heart and mind;
  • Sometimes you have to trust a stranger to get where you need to go;
  • Friendliness takes you far – or at least ‘home’;
  • You never know when you are someone’s ‘link’ or the answer to someone’s time of trouble;
  • Timing is everything;
  • Everything is connected;
  • Trust your instincts;
  • Some of life’s deepest lessons may come from the most unlikely sources;
  • Everyone has a purpose;
  • Always expect the best possible outcome.

Perhaps the best part of this little true story is what I am about to tell you.

One day, about two weeks after I met Agron in the middle of the road, I went downstairs to awaken my boys for school.  I opened all the blinds and when I drew back the curtain to the sliding door I froze.

There at my feet on the other side of the glass lay Agron, the no-eyed dog.


Amy Hallagan

Amy Hallagan is an LCSW, personal coach, and the owner of Exubero, Llc, Coaching & Personal Development, in Loveland, Colorado. Amy is most passionate about helping people with high sensitivity to create truly meaningful lives rooted in their unique strengths, skills, values, passions, and purpose. Connect with Amy by emailing her at, or through her website, Subscribe to her blog here.