October 21


Do You Know Joe?

Do you know Joe?  Joe is my ideal client. We do a lot of great work together.  Joe isn't content with a ho-hum life.  He wants to fulfill his potential. Joe is creating a life that reflects his talents, strengths, passions and purpose.  He isn't any ordinary Joe.  He's extraordinary.

Meet Joe

Joe lives in Northern Colorado and works in a job that he enjoys but which doesn't fully satisfy his desire for making a positive impact on the world.  He is hard working and loves learning new ways to make things better.  He values honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility.  He's a kind person, always thinking of others and quick to lend a hand.  He is well liked by his family, friends and coworkers.  Joe looks like he has it all together.

Joe has goals in mind for his life.  He aspires to have financial well-being, strong and healthy relationships, and to make a positive mark on the world.  He has already accomplished some of his life goals but he doesn't want to stop there.  Joe views life as a journey and he wants to make the most of it.

Health and well-being are important to Joe.  He understands the connection between physical and emotional health and he makes a conscious effort to attend to both areas.  His spirituality is important to him.  He is open to exploration - of new places, new ideas, and new perspectives.

You might see Joe volunteering at community events, leading a group, or supporting a social cause.  You might also run into him out on the trails or cheering along the sidelines of a youth athletic event.  He tends to be involved and he enjoys connecting with people.

Why Joe Works With Me

What holds Joe back is his habit of worrying about what other people think at the sacrifice of his own wants and needs.  His worry creates feelings of frustration and feeling stuck.  He tends to say "yes" to things that he doesn't really want to do.  Over time he becomes angry and resentful but keeps it inside because he doesn't want people to think poorly of him.  Sometimes he gets frustrated when people take advantage of his kindness.

Joe has huge aspirations but he doesn't know how to make them happen given the trap of concern over fitting in, keeping up with the Jones', and meeting the expectations of others.  He wants to do more of what makes him happy and fulfilled.  Joe's dream is to do all the amazing things he has in mind, and to feel relaxed and at peace doing so.  He knows he has the potential to be really successful and happy in his life.  Things are pretty good now, but Joe senses it could be better.  Mediocrity doesn't inspire Joe.  Joe wants a life of meaning and purpose.

How Joe Uses His Coaching

Joe wants help in three main areas:  1) He wants to have more clarity about who he is as a person - what are his values, needs, strengths, skills, passions, and purpose?; 2)  He wants to figure out how to have better boundaries and more balance in his life; and 3)  He wants to look at what he is doing right now in his life and identify areas that aren't lined up with who he really is as a person and with what he genuinely wants for himself.  He wants to create a short term and long term road map for his dreams and goals so that he can get back on track and stay there going forward.  Joe wants to create more happiness and life satisfaction for himself and we work together to help him do that.

Do You Know Joe?

Who is the Joe (or Jane) that you know?  How can I help him or her to get back on track?  Give them my number, 970|593-8196, or my email, amy@exuberocoaching.com.  You can also direct them to my website, www.exuberocoaching.com.

Life is too short to be ordinary Joe.  Let's make it extraordinary.




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